Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Westerbeke Generator/ Kabola Boiler

I bought this a while ago, it is a Kabola oil fired pressure jet marine central heating boiler for hot water and radiators , and they are as rare as hens teeth seconhand but the best boiler you can buy for a large boat like the Strathspey. Much more economical than a traditional drip feed boiler such as the Reflex or Kabola drip fed units, also they are fully programable like a home system.
I have been having a bit of a fiddle with the Westerbeke marine generator fitting new anodes drive belts and cleaning the scale out of the heat exchanger,this is a superb piece of equipment with a Mitsubishi four cylinder diesel 2 ltr . coupled to a 9.5 kva 240/110 v ac generator
These generators are about £9500 new and run forever at 1500 rpm very quitely , forget your chinese e-bay generators which last about five hours.
I have two of these ,this one which runs perfectly and a second one that is in pieces due to an ingress of water and it needs new pistons although the engine has ony done about 200 hrs.


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