Wednesday, 27 August 2008


I have had to come to the difficult decision that I shall have to sell my much loved "Strathspey".
I have realised after over two years of work ,that I am spreading myself to thin with work , our home in Italy and England plus commitment to my family who understandably have no interest in my project. I have just spent five days in Scotland with the old girl and feel very very sad about this decision . I will still be carrying on with the work until she is sold ,also work will continue in Scotland with finishing the deck plus other jobs.
She is a fine vessel and a rare one being built in 1969 one of the last remaining Scottish boats to still exist in her original form. Mechanically she is in fantastic shape having had her engine gearbox and sterngear replaced about seven years ago . I have had the engine serviced every year and the engine is run two to three times every week. The hull is strong and dry with massive frames and hull planking and in very good condition.( built to withstand extreme conditions )
This is a very hard decision to make but necessary for me.
She will be available as a project to include all the interior sections ( see contents of this blog)all ready made for assembly into the hold ,plus extra timber and some fittings ,drawings and scale model of the cabin layout ( which is all adaptable )
Also included is the diesel anchor winch with chain and two large anchors suitable for ground tackle . In the wheelhouse is a good foruno radar , colour sounder , Necco marine autopilot and loran gps. There is a second radar but this has a fault with the magnatron. She is also seaworthy
and comes with harbour dues paid up till April 2009.She is due to be placed on the houseboat web site.

Sunday, 3 August 2008


As well as doing all the normal home stuff like cutting the grass and helping my son repair the brake balance valve on his Renault Clio. I have also been busy this weekend making new navigation light boards ,here you can see them in grey primer, in a few days they should be black and ready to take up to Scotland to fit them to the wheelhouse . These are exact copies (apart from not being rotten) of the one you can see in the other photo. These look huge off the boat but quite modest on the wheelhouse roof.