Thursday, 20 November 2008

Starting to look much smarter


Rick_&_Karen said...

Hello Andrew. She looks wonderful and we are glad that you are still enjoying working with Strathspey II. We wish you the very best for all your future plans, on the water or not. My wife is going to kill me for asking , but where do you have your vessel listed for sale. I haven't been able to find the advert yet? We've put Wanderbird,( and ourselves), to rest for a few months after logging 5400nm this past summer on an expedition to Northern Labrador. We sometimes dream of heading over to your part of the world and then we would enjoy meeting you, like kinded individuals we are. All the best and please keep up ( and keep enjoying), your good work. Kind Regards, Rick and karen Miles

Andrew Tognola said...

Hi Rick & Karen

Allways good to hear from you both,I must say I envy you both with your cruising and the beautifull Wanderbird.
yes maybe nobody will buy the Strathspey and then I will have to continue with her refurb.( not a bad prospect if only family felt the same way ).
She should be advertised on the "Houseboat center " web site under the main banner "Boats for Sale " she is listed as Part converted trawler 75'.Houseboat sounds dreadfull !!!
I have two people interested and they are both trawler enthusiasts , as I do NOT want to sell her to someone who will desroy her originality .
I just wish I had some time to realise this dream.
I used to have a Transworld 41' ketch, So I shall certainly buy somthing similar that I can handle on my own if need be.
If you ever come over it would be good to meet up , we could all have a get together with Tim and all the other trawler nuts.

Best Regards ; Andrew