Monday, 24 September 2007

Galley Bulkhead

Saturday I started on my first bit of cabin section , this is going to be part of the galley wall.
I have developed this plan that I can make the whole interior of the boat in a modular form so that each section will be made complete with all the electrical conduits pre-installed ,doors and floor supports fitted , panelled and painted and designed so that the whole lot will pass down through the deck hatch and slot together inside the original fishroom. I have given this an awful
lot of thought so I hope it works out.
Another reason for doing it this way is as it will bolt together it can be altered if need be without major reconstruction or for major hull or machinery repairs.Also with be being so far from Lochinver I can still work on buidling the interior without having to make long expensive trips to Scotland.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Lady Jane visit

This Saturday I paid a long overdue visit to Tim and the "Lady Jane".And enjoyed an extremely relaxing and enjoyable afternoon on board chatting with Tim and Fred .I was very impressed with the huge amount that has been achieved over the last three years with L.J looking pretty good.
Tim gives a very good tour and made me feel very welcome with plenty of tea and a good lunch.
It was very interesting to compare the differences of wooden as opposed to steel vessels and the problems and challenges of restoration and sympathetic conversion of both types.Tim seems to be doing a really fantastic job .
I hope I will be welcome to make a return visit , and look forward to Tim visiting the "Strathspey " one day .

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Second Anniversary

30th of August marks the second year of my ownership of the "Strathspey II" and it also happens to be my sons birthday ( 18 this year which is very scary) .
Even with my absence most of the time, a lot has been done on the old girl,and soon she should start to look a bit better !!!
This photo is the very last day she went fishing and the first time I saw her, and I decided that there was no way I was going to buy this smelly dirty old piece of junk!!!!