Sunday, 25 May 2008


At the moment quite a lot has been happening on board the Strathspey ,the Deck has been sealed and painted ,the Whaleback has been Stripped and re-painted and the Wheelhouse and deckhouse has been painted in Bamboo and white. Also the deckhead in the hold and forward compartment has been painted in gloss white .
No photo's at the moment as digital camera's seem to be in short supply in the Highlands at the moment.

But I do have some pictures of the new 18 x10 ft Strathspey workshop in my garden ,so full steam ahead on the interior.As at last I have somewhere to use all my tools under one roof !!


Tim Zim said...

A great shed.

Sets me to thinking...

Andrew Tognola said...

Thanks Tim

I must say it's the most useful thing I have invested in recently,and it's my own space all for boat work with all my tools in one place.
I bought it on ebay new ,£1400. (10 x 18ft with 6" extra height ) supplied and erected ,and although it isn't of the highest quality it is very solid with 3x2 framing.

Michael said...

It's a strange coincidence but I was light-heartedly surfing the Internet a few moments ago looking for a retired Scottish trawler for sale! The 'stuff of dreams...' Anyway, what comes up is your Blogg on the Strathspey! I recognised her immediately: I photographed her lying in Lochinver in August 2006; my reason for doing so was because she's a classic of Scottish trawler design and still retained much of her original character.

Andrew Tognola said...

Hi Michael

It's good to find another Scottish fishing boat enthusiast ,I love them especially the cruiser sterned wooden variety. Before I bought her I looked at quite a few.
When I found her I just loved her lines and the fact she still had her original wheelhouse and whaleback .So outwardly I want to retain her orinal appearance,so the first job was to remove all the later additions and now she is being slowly renovated.
Do you live in Scotland or were you just on a visit ?
At what stage did you see her .
Also if you are interested in a boat look at "" this is the best site, There are some good bagain buys to be had at the moment although the classic boats are fast disapearing.

michael said...

I saw Strathspey in August 2006. No I don't live in Scotland; I actually live a few miles from you, but just over the 'border' in Berkshire! However, I've a life-long interest in Scottish fishing boat design and construction, particularly wooden-built ones and spend as much time around the small ports and harbours as I can, including the isles. I've sailed on many, from traditional herring trawlers to those converted for prawning.

My last model was of a small Danish trawler and soon I hope to build a 48' ring net boat from the Loch Fyne area.

I shall now follow your reconstruction with interest!

Good luck!