Friday, 25 April 2008

Cabin Style

This is a photo of the look I would like in the Strathspey ,one thing I want to avoid is to much wood as this can be a bit oppressive .So I am going for cream with mahogany cabin doors and trim,I feel this will give a cosy and quite light traditional feel.
I am not a great fan of pine in boats ,so all the panelling will be painted.


bowiechick said...

I agree. Unpainted wood, stained or not seems to advance right at you and feels oppressive. I think having bits painted and other parts stained and varnished looks great.

The walls of the Partnership are cedar logs and when we re-did the bathroom I put up paneling that looks like wainscoting and painted it all out white. Most men thought that was a horrible thing to do but I felt that it would clash too much with the cedar and make it too dark and gloomy. Painting up those two walls just makes it a bit more elegant looking.

Andrew Tognola said...

Hi Tana

I'm glad you agree ,I like the sound of what you have done .The Strathspey will have wainscoting throughout with it all painted satin finish in cream to give a bit of warmth , with mahogany doors and trim.
I used to have a "Transworld 42" Ketch rig ,and this was teak throughout which I thought was nice at first until my wife like you said it was gloomy ,and I had to agree .So nice I go for sweetness and light !!
Hows the Bowie coming along.

All the best ; Andrew