Wednesday, 27 August 2008


I have had to come to the difficult decision that I shall have to sell my much loved "Strathspey".
I have realised after over two years of work ,that I am spreading myself to thin with work , our home in Italy and England plus commitment to my family who understandably have no interest in my project. I have just spent five days in Scotland with the old girl and feel very very sad about this decision . I will still be carrying on with the work until she is sold ,also work will continue in Scotland with finishing the deck plus other jobs.
She is a fine vessel and a rare one being built in 1969 one of the last remaining Scottish boats to still exist in her original form. Mechanically she is in fantastic shape having had her engine gearbox and sterngear replaced about seven years ago . I have had the engine serviced every year and the engine is run two to three times every week. The hull is strong and dry with massive frames and hull planking and in very good condition.( built to withstand extreme conditions )
This is a very hard decision to make but necessary for me.
She will be available as a project to include all the interior sections ( see contents of this blog)all ready made for assembly into the hold ,plus extra timber and some fittings ,drawings and scale model of the cabin layout ( which is all adaptable )
Also included is the diesel anchor winch with chain and two large anchors suitable for ground tackle . In the wheelhouse is a good foruno radar , colour sounder , Necco marine autopilot and loran gps. There is a second radar but this has a fault with the magnatron. She is also seaworthy
and comes with harbour dues paid up till April 2009.She is due to be placed on the houseboat web site.


melissa said...

Ah, that's such a shame but we know as well as anyone that a boat is a full time job in itself. Best of luck to you in finding a buyer worthy of her. (and I reckon the blog ownership should go with the sale, too!)

Andrew Tognola said...

Hi Melissa
Thanks for your comments,Yes the problem is time , so I have come to this decision with a heavy heart so much so that I feel a strange sense of loss and a degree of worry as to her future.
I would certainly allow the next owner to take over the blog if they wanted to.I shall also cotinue to follow the other boat blogs such as Hendrik's

steve said...

I'm sad to hear that Andrew, it must be hard to walk away from all that hard work. You've done an amazing job so far, and hopefully that fact will encourage the right kind of buyer, ie. someone who will continue looking after her and will eventually live aboard.

I'll put a notice on our blog to direct people towards yours, i'm sure you'll find some who's keen at that price.

Marc said...

I havent commented on your blog much but I have been a loyal reader and im sorry for you having to come to such a conclusion. Hopefully you have drawn a messure of pleasure from having her in you life for this short time. I dream of someday doing what you, Tim, Seb, and many others are doing. If it was the right time in my life, and I had the money, I would seriously consider buying her as she is a beutiful vessel pefect for what I dream of. Perhaps with your improvements she will appeal to a broader audience. I guess the best solace is in the saying... better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all.
I wish the best to you in the future.

Andrew Tognola said...

Thankyou to all for your very generous comments, and I do hope that whoever takes her on will make a good job of her as she deserves preserving as a tribute to all sea fisherman who I believe endure one of the most dangerous occupations going

Tim Zim said...

Sad news indeed Andrew.

Good luck with the sale & please don't forget to stay in touch.

You will always be welcome on Lady Jane.

Andrew Tognola said...

Many thanks Tim, and will do.


bowiechick said...

Well,I of all people is certainly feeling your pain about that at the moment. Tis the way of it with boats it seems.

IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

That must've been a tough decision Andrew, and I must say I'd find it nigh on impossible to overcome my obsession if I had to decide the same way. I always worry that should I ever have to sell Ms Ann it might very well break me so my heart goes to you. I hope you find the right buyer for the old girl quickly and smoothly. Good luck.


ebgb said...

A real heartbreaker. 2 months ago I would of been up like a shot but just bought 'Pansy' a 70 year old Motor Fifie and am already off down the same route myself. Hope she gets a good home