Thursday, 28 February 2008


Despite the fact that I am not that active on the Strathspey at the moment that does not mean that nothing is happening on the old girl.

Thanks to Ian who is my right and left hand up in Scotland , The wheelhouse / Deckhouse is ready for its top coat of paint .Deckhouse will be Buff and the Wheelhouse White ,this a fairly traditional colour scheme .The deck is still being caulked and when ready will be painted light Grey with the hull probably Black as original , although I may go for a very dark Blue.

The large very heavy net roller on the stern has also been cut off.

Down below the hull timber work in the fish hold and forepeak has all been treated with wood and anti-rot preservative and the deckhead in both sections painted white.

The main problem in Scotland is the terrible weather they have had this winter lots of storm winds and rain .

Luckily she is tucked safe and sound on the harbour pier. if you look on google earth she is the vessel in Lochinver harbour tucked in the corner of the larger pier with the square end on it.


Tim Zim said...

Looking better & better each time I see her.

Andrew Tognola said...

Thanks Tim